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Chicken and Dumplings in a Slow Cooker

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Chicken and Dumplings

chicken and dumplings

I can’t be the only one that loves walking into the house after a long day at work only to be greeted by the smell of dinner already done.

This recipe for chicken and dumplings is very easy and quick to put together in the morning before you leave for work and it’ll be ready and waiting for you when you get home.  All you’ll need to do is add the biscuit dough and allow to fully cook an additional 30-45minutes.

Let’s get started

Place boneless/skinless chicken breasts in the bottom of the slow cooker. You can use either fresh or frozen.  If you’re using frozen like I am here, there’s no need to defrost it.  Next add 2 Tablespoons of butter

DSCN0427 DSCN0428

Now I add a small diced onion and a bag of frozen mixed vegetables (optional)


And then, add a can each of cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup and about 3/4 to 1 cup of water.  If you find that you added too much water you can add a little flour later to help thicken things up.

DSCN0435 DSCN0436

I added enough salt and pepper to cover the top, and that’s it.  We’re ready to cook.  I cooked on low for 8 hours while I was out and about.


Adding the biscuit dough

After 8 hours I took the cover off, added broken up pieces of ready to make biscuits and cooked for an additional 30-45min until the dough is fully cooked

DSCN0443[1] DSCN0444

the dough will rise as it cooks and you’ll come back to something that looks like this.  The “dumplings” are light and fluffy.

chicken and dumplings
Serve with a side of rice or as I did with some lightly buttered egg noodles and that’s it, easy chicken and dumplings.

chicken and dumplings