Pecan Pie

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Thanksgiving is coming up  and either you’re going to someone’s house to celebrate, you’re having guests over to your house.  Either way, make this pecan pie the day before and it’ll be sure to be a crowd pleaser.  After all, on Thanksgiving, man does not dessert on Pumpkin Pie alone.

There are two camps when it comes to pronouncing pecan. There are those that say Pee-Can.  Those folks are usually a little more down home, Southern, or from the country, or just plain don’t care what anyone else says when it comes to pronouncing anything.  The other camp says Pah-Kan.  These people are from more urban, hipper areas where they feel uncomfortable relating any kind of food to a Pee Can.  The urbanites may snicker if you say Pee-Can, but don’t let them get you down.

While this debate may never end one thing is for sure; Pecan Pie is a hidden gem and if you’ve never had any, you’re missing out.  This pie has a sweet and nutty taste and melts in your mouth.  When warmed slightly and covered with a little whipped topping, it’s just like a slice of heaven.

I’m going to show you step by step how to make this easy peasy pie and unlike most other pecan pie recipes, there’s no corn syrup in this one.

The first thing we’re going to do it preheat our oven to 400 degrees.  While the oven is getting hot we’ll  melt a stick of butter either in the microwave or on the stove top and set it aside.  Next, crack two eggs into a medium to large bowl and use a whisk to make the eggs as frothy as you can get them.

Note the invisible bowl I used, pretty cool huh?



Add the melted butter to the eggs and keep whisking to keep it light and frothy.

To the egg and butter mixture we’re going to add a cup of light brown sugar, a quarter cup of white sugar, and a tablespoon of all purpose flour.

20141122_123440 20141122_123558 20141122_123808

Give all of that a good whisking then add a tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a cup of chopped pecan pieces.

20141122_124004 (1) 20141122_124217

Now I used the whisk to stir in the milk, vanilla, and the nuts until the whole thing looks uniform.

Pour the mixture into a normal pre-made pie crust.  I centered the pie crust on a baking sheet to help catch any splatters.  Now would be a great time to put whole pecan pieces on the top in a pattern or just randomly.  I didn’t have any whole ones this time so I went without.



Pop this into the preheated oven for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes lower the temperature down to 350 degrees and cook until a toothpick inserted into the pie comes out clean. This should be about 30-40 minutes.  My pie came out looking like this.


Move the pie to a cooling rack or just anywhere that’s out of the way where it can cool to room temperature (or maybe a little warm if you just can’t stand waiting anymore)

And there you have it, Pecan Pie.